Grotto found at the bottom of the garden

Grotto found at the bottom of a garden in Edgbaston

Imagine tidying up the bottom of your garden and finding a gothic folly dating back to the mid 18th century. That is what happened to John Bostock this summer, 25 years after moving into his house in Edgbaston. The 12ft building is elaborately decorated with oyster shells, bones and teeth from cows and sheep. Advolly […]

Gardens Trust seeks Audience Researcher

As part of the Gardens Trust’s plan to become a more resilient and diverse organisation, we are seeking to appoint an audience researcher to design and implement audience research. This will help improve our understanding of existing and potential audiences, allowing us to gain insights into their interests, motivations and barriers to engaging with and […]

Victoria Tower Gardens decision overrules planning process

Proposed memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens

On 29 July the Minister for Housing,  Christopher Pincher announced that the government was backing a  planning inspector’s decision to allow a Holocaust memorial and subterranean education centre to be built on Victoria Tower Gardens, the grade II park adjacent to the Palace of Westminster.  The local authority had refused consent on the grounds of the […]

The Plantation Garden, Norwich

The Plantation Garden, Unforgettable Garden of the Month by Lesley Kant Cunneen, Norfolk Gardens Trust Created 1857-1870s by Henry Trevor Registered Grade II If you walk along the busy Earlham Road towards the city centre, you cannot fail to notice the grey stone of the Grade 1 Catholic Cathedral, Norwich’s second Cathedral, towering above you. […]

Telecommunications monopoles threaten registered landscapes

Telecommunications monopole near Polegate, East Sussex

There have been an increasing number of applications to erect telecommunications monopoles, either for broadband or, more recently, 5G coverage in or near registered landscapes. The infrastructure required includes the monopoles themselves, ranging in height from 7.5 to 25 metres, as well as their supporting cabinets and antennae. In the wrong place, these monopoles can intrude […]