Conservation publications

We publish free guidance relating to the conservation of historic designed landscapes.

The Planning System in England and the Protection of Historic Parks and Gardens

We publish a guidance leaflet, The Planning System in England and the Protection of Historic Parks and Gardens. This leaflet explains the place of historic designed landscapes in the planning system, the importance of assessing significance, the statutory consultation obligations and the role of the Gardens Trust and the County Gardens Trusts. You can download a copy of the leaflet below.

Planning and Conservation Advice Notes

The Gardens Trust is custodian of a series of advice notes created by the Garden History Society which provide information about the general planning framework in relation to historic designed landscapes, as well as more specific advice relating to the planning and conservation considerations when particular forms of development or change of use are being considered.

Issues covered include telecommunication developments, golf in historic landscapes, educational or institutional development, CCTV and lighting, and management plans.

You can download the complete set of notes or individual sections as listed below.

PCAN Introduction

PCAN 1: Change of Use (of landscape, and of principal and/or subsidiary buildings)

PCAN 2: Hotel and Leisure Development

PCAN 3: Extension of Educational/Institutional Establishments

PCAN 4: Executive Housing

PCAN 5: Golf

PCAN 6: Vehicle Parking and Access

PCAN 7: Treatment of Boundaries and Entrances

PCAN 8: Telecommunications Masts

PCAN 9: Development of Domestic Amenities

PCAN 10: CCTV and Lighting

PCAN 11: Development in the Setting of Historic Designed Landscape

PCAN 12: Evaluation of New Landscape Features

PCAN 13: Briefs for Historic Landscape Assessments

PCAN 14: Management Plans (including Statements of Significance)

PCAN 15: Play Facilities

PCAN Appendices

1: Lists of subsidiary development generated by particular types of change
2: General Evaluation Checklist (All types development/all types landscape)
3: Planning Context

Links to other guidance

Historic England produces guidance and policy on all aspects of managing the historic environment: 
Register of Parks and Gardens Selection Guides. It is also accessible through:

Resource Hub

Our Resource Hub contains a large range of support materials to help County Gardens Trusts and other groups in their conservation work.