County Gardens Trusts

The County and Country Gardens Trusts are independent charities engaged in caring for gardens and designed landscapes throughout England and Wales, and are members of The Gardens Trust. The first County Gardens Trust (CGT) was launched in Hampshire in 1984 and today there are 37, a list of which can be found here.

County Gardens Trust staff, volunteers and members are instrumental to our work at the Gardens Trust. One of their main roles involves helping to compile and undertake research that helps us to protect historic designed landscapes under threat, which in turn forms a large part of our role as a statutory consultee in the planning process. Without their help, our work to protect and conserve the UK’s historic designed landscapes would not be possible. In return, we offer support to CGT’s through training opportunities, advocacy and special events.

CGT’s are also involved in our campaign work more broadly, including being involved with our recording, events, outreach and engagement projects (in partnership with various national and regional organisations) as well as writing articles which are featured on our website, social media, GT News and our journal Garden History.

To find out more about the history of County Gardens Trusts, you can download the following article by Michael Dawson below.

“The County Gardens Trusts Movement” – Michael Dawson. Garden History, 50: 2 (2022).

If you are interested in your local garden heritage you can find and contact your local County Gardens Trust here.

Scotland has its own organisation:
Scotland’s Garden and Landscape Heritage
And in Northern Ireland and covering the Republic as well:
Northern Ireland Heritage Gardens Trust