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Our newsletter GT NEWS is published three times a year; in spring, mid-summer and winter. It contains a mixture of conservation and GT news, details of our (and other relevant) events, members’ research, and less formal articles. It is printed in full colour, using soya based ink, recycled carbon balanced paper and biodegradable mailing film.

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We are keen to receive news items, research and other articles, including international news.

Deadlines and publication dates are: 15th January, 15th May and 15th September
For distribution: mid March, mid July (with journal) & mid December (with journal)

Submissions in most popular formats are welcomed, as attachments emailed to If you have illustrations please send them as separate .jpegs or .tiffs, keeping in mind our page size (maximum width 150mm) and that we need strong images at 300dpi.

A suggested word count for an article is from 500 to 1000 words (maximum, especially if you have included pictures), and for a short item in our Other News and Events section, up to 200 words. Have a look at previous editions for the sort of thing we are looking for, though we hope that all sorts of subjects come up. Do get in touch if you have any queries

For guidance on how to present items for publication, please use our notes for news contributors.

The archive:

GT News 19 Summer 2022: Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens Itinerary

A report on our AGM and a celebration of our Volunteer of the Year Award
Unforgettable Gardens is Go!
Updates on Victoria Gardens, London and Hampton Court
Reports on development risks to Registered Parks and Gardens,
and on telecommunications ‘monopoles’
A reputation restored — Events in ‘Capability’ Brown’s family life explored
and exonerated
A collapse at Parlington, Yorkshire
A new Memorial Garden opened in Norwich
More of our rapidly evolving programme of on-line Events

Our Summer 2021 edition includes:
From the Garden Chair – Peter Hughes our Chairman writes
Engaging with our Future: GT secures a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant
Greatford Hall, Lincolnshire added to HE’s Register at Grade II
Planning Reform and Historic Parks and Gardens: Ten things you need to know…
Management regimes for lawns and hedges in historic gardens
John Warwell — the mystery man of Goldney grotto
Stoke Poges Memorial Gardens, Buckinghamshire
Some of our rapidly evolving programme of on-line Events

Our Spring 2021 edition includes
From the Garden Chair – Peter Hughes our Chairman writes
County Gardens Trusts swing into action – responses to Covid-19
Norfolk Gardens Trust’s Unforgettable Gardens Conservation Project
The Combe, Wells, Somerset
Bedfordshire Head Gardeners Network
Chiswick House Gardens
What happened to British Modernism? More on our cover from last time
Some of our rapidly evolving programme of on-line Events

Our Autumn 2020 edition includes
A Review of our last Five Years from our recently retired Chairman
As well as articles on
50 Fabulous Features: Land of the Fanns 19
Discussion of ‘One Man Went To Mow…’ on a new approach to grass care in historic landscapes
The new additions to the list of the Best of England’s Post-War Parks, Gardens and Landscapes Protected
The Improvement Garden at Stockwood Park, The People’s Arcadia and its late head gardener The gifted Bob Burgoyne
And on Stowe Gardens revisited – arguably the most influential British garden of all
And an outline programme of our upcoming Events

Our Summer 2020 edition features our Unforgettable Gardens campaign;
London GT’s response to the proposals for Victoria Tower Gardens;
Gardeners under Lockdown;
Learning from The Blackamoor: Garden Statuary;
National Playing Fields Association & King George’s Fields;
Rescued for £18: Dropmore, and the Monkey Puzzle tree;
Our now largely on-line events programme in time of Covid-19…

Our Spring 2020 issue celebrates the campaign to save Derek Jarman’s garden;
Announces our new campaign on Unforgettable Gardens;
Gives details on how to enter our Annual Essay Prize and participate in our New Research Symposium;
Encourages entries for our Volunteer of the Year Award;
Highlights the Risk to the renowned Glasshouse complex at Tatton Park;
Features articles from members of our County Gardens Trusts;
And flags up our – now sadly curtailed – Events programme;
Keep safe, keep well, keep reading!

Our Autumn 2019 edition is dominated by articles arising from our Summer Conference, concentrating on the life and work of Mavis Batey and her part in the conservation efforts of the Garden History Society, now the Gardens Trust.
This series of articles is brought right up to date with David Lambert’s article on Conservation and the Environment, and his reasons for becoming a part of Extinction Rebellion.
It also includes articles by David Marsh on Anniversaries,
an update on from Philip White,
on Jemima Marchioness Grey at Wrest Park, by Jemima Hubbersty,
on the garden at Bottengoms, Essex, by Jill Devon,
and The Highbury Pergola project.

Our Summer 2019 edition is dominated by our recent tribute to Christopher Thacker at the Garden Museum. He was the first editor of our journal, Garden History, the summer edition of which goes out with this mailing. Our recent event at Bramham Park seems to have tied in well with the themes brought up by our exploration of Christopher’s life and work in garden history.

Autumn 2018: Extra material, we ran out of space…
Summer Conference 2018, Birmingham, report
Northern Ireland Gardens Study Tour 2018 report
Denmark Gardens Study Tour 2018 report
Japan Gardens Study Tour 2018 report


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Our account of 50 years of The Garden History Society,
1965–2015, compiled by Tim Richardson

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