Repton Red Book & Family Tree Exhibitions

Discover more about Humphry Repton and his impact in Norfolk through his legacy of ‘Red Books’ in the county. Also on view will be a display on Repton’s family tree which will show the strong connections the Repton family had with East Anglia and particularly the historic town of Aylsham.

external event


Rethinking Repton

Presenting the results of a collaboration between RHS Libraries and Writtle University College, this exhibition will display original Repton materials from RHS Libraries collections alongside responses from Landscape Architecture and Garden Design students.


Repton and Late Georgian Society

On Sundays 2-5pm at The Orangery, Saling Grove, Great Saling, Essex. Exhibition about Repton travels across the country for clients and friends; from The Portland Whigs to Prime Minster William Pitt; from the Prince of Wales to Duke of Bedford; from theoretical challenges to his landscape designs to Jane Austen. Free Entry

external event


Repton Exhibition In The Granary Art Gallery

The Granary Art Gallery, Weston Park, Shropshire. An exhibition about Humphry Repton and his significance as a landscape gardener including his Red Book, of ‘before’ and ‘after’ watercolours of his proposals for Babworth, Nottinghamshire, generously loaned to the Weston Park Foundation by its private owner. Open every day, admission free.