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      Margie Hoffnung

      I have received a query from one County Gardens Trust about their Constitution. Theirs is now over 25 years old and they are looking to update it. Are there any CGTs out there who have a more up-to-date one that they would be prepared to share? If you were able to get in touch with me direct via either this web forum or else via my work email :, that would be great. Thanks

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      We at Notts GT would also be grateful for advice on this, as we’ll be rewriting our Constitution too. I’d be really interested to hear which CGTs have chosen to be a company limited by guarantee, and which are Charitable Incorporated Organisations.

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      Jim S

      Here in Sussex we were established as a Charity and Company limited by guarantee in 1995. This has worked well for us over the past 22 years, but if we started again we might well set up as a CIO.

      Information about or governance can be found on our website see

      You can also download our strategy document from the page below

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      Charles Boot

      The Bucks Gardens Trust was initially set up almost as a club in 1997, and did not really get ‘legalised’, though we had a founding constitution etc, until perhaps 2000, when our colleagues in Oxford, under the then leadership of Richard Mawrey QC, steered us in the right direction.

      We eventually registered as a both a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity, in 2003, I think. Our Registered Office has moved a couple of times since, and I assume we are still legally constituted.

      It might be as well to re-examine the situation given changes in both company and charity law since our founding, and I hope and presume our current Chairman and board are on top of this.

      Charles Boot, founder/former Chairman Bucks GT

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      This is really useful information from Sussex and Bucks. Notts GT have recently been awarded some start-up funding from the HLF and will be using part of this to seek professional advice on the best way to set up our Trust. I’ll keep you posted as to what this advice is. I suspect CIO will be the way to go.

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