Tag: Oxfordshire Gardens Trust


Oxfordshire GT Lecture: The Revd Thomas Birch Freeman: Victorian Botanist and Plantsman

Advolly Richmond speaks about Freeman’s horticultural legacy. A trained botanist & head gardener at Orwell Park, he travelled to the Gold Coast and became part of the network of correspondents and plant collectors relied upon by the Royal Botanic Gardens. Kellogg College, 60-62 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6PN; 6.30 for 7pm. £5; £8 non-members


Oxfordshire GT Lecture: Wellness and Urban Design

Hanna Zembrzycka-Kisiel uses the research insights of her recent MA Thesis to explore the reality of poor urban design and the benefits of green spaces in our living environments, drawing on local and international urban design projects for inspiration. Kellogg College, 60-62 BanburyRoad, Oxford OX2 6PN; 6.30pm, for 7pm. £5 (members) £8 (guests).