Conservation Management Plan Project

From 2012-15 the Gardens Trust (then as the Garden History Society) compiled a reference list of Conservation Management Plans (CMPs) relating to historic designed landscapes.

Download a free copy of the list here.

We are currently working to input this list to OASIS. If you have details of additional CMPs that you would like us to add to OASIS on your behalf, please email before 27th July 2020. The details we hope you can provide are listed below.


Conservation Management Plans are valuable tools for developing informed management strategies for historic designed landscapes. CMPs typically include research on a site’s history, development and surviving state, and taken together they form a sizeable body of material on the UK’s historic designed landscapes.

In 2011, Garden History, the journal of The Gardens History Society (now the Gardens Trust) published an open letter on Conservation Management Plans for Historic Landscapes by John Phibbs which, amongst other things, raised the issue of the unharnessed potential of CMPs as a large and significant body of research. Largely in response to the debate this sparked, in 2012 the GHS launched a project to compile a reference list of CMPs and related research for historic designed landscapes. This was managed by Linden Groves and made possible with sponsorship and support from Historic England (then English Heritage).

Over 12 months, the project called for references for CMPs from garden historians, landscape architecture practices, County Gardens Trusts, national heritage organisations, local authorities and individual properties. It then collated these into a list to be made available online, then on the Parks & Gardens UK website. In turn, Parks & Gardens UK updated individual site entries to include reference to particular CMPs.

Submitting details

To submit details of a CMP, please email us with as many as possible of this following details:

  • Site name
  • Location (including county)
  • HE Register grade, if applicable
  • Author/Consultants
  • Date
  • Title
  • Purpose (e.g. Heritage Lottery Fund, Environmental Stewardship, English Heritage, Task Force Trees, planning application etc)
  • Status e.g. draft, final
  • Where to find a reference copy (preferably a public record office or library) and/or a web link


  • If you are not the author/owner of the CMP, please try to obtain permission  first, and let us know whether this has been done.
  • Please alert us if there may be copyright issues.
  • Would you be interested in submitting the CMP to the Hestercombe archive?

Copies of CMPs can be deposited with the Hestercombe CMP Archive at Hestercombe CMP Archive, Hestercombe Gardens, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton, Somerset TA2 8LG or emailed to

Scope of the project

This Gardens Trust project to compile a list of CMPs is the first of its kind and as such has inevitably been exploratory in nature.

Such a list has been long desired by the sector so this first foray into compiling it has been met with broad support. The project stimulated further discussion about CMPs and these ideas and issues have been recorded so that they can be explored further by our sector in due course.

The project remit was not to collect copies (electronic or otherwise) of the CMPs, but the Gardens Trust does recognise that it would be valuable to develop an archive of CMPs with a searchable database. The Hestercombe Gardens Trust (Somerset) is developing a CMP archive and has advised on the Gardens Trust CMP project.

It has also been recognised that there are similar documents to CMPs – accredited student dissertations, for example – that would be useful additions to a list such as this. This project has provided a useful exploration of the processes involved, and it is hoped to be able to broaden the criteria for inclusion in future, either within this or a separate but related list.

Submissions to the list have been given voluntarily. The best examples include full bibliographic reference details but in others only limited information has been provided. Most notable omissions are missing publication dates, direction as to where a copy of the CMP is held, and precise titles (typically substituted with generic document descriptions, e.g. ‘Parkland Plan’). These incomplete entries have been included as an indicator that some research has been carried out and it is hoped more information can be added at a later date.

Access to CMPs

The list aims to provide researchers notice of whether or not there is a CMP for an individual site and, if available, information on where a reference copy is held.

Many CMPs are available to study at publicly accessible archives or indeed online. However, for a host of reasons, researchers should not assume that CMPs held by privately owned parks and gardens are automatically available for study. Similarly, limitations on availability may apply to CMPs held by consultants, and charges may have to be made for providing advice or copies.

In any case, permissions should be sought from the CMP’s owner and author before any material is copied or reproduced.

Further information on Conservation Management Plans


We are grateful to all those who have contributed to the list so far – landscape architects, other organisations, County Gardens Trust volunteers, individual gardens and local authorities, and for the advice and support of the Hestercombe Gardens Trust.